Resources for Teens & Adults

The best way to improve your English (other than coming to class and doing your homework of course) is to read, listen and incorporate English into your daily life as much as possible! Please find below a small selection of online resources to help you.


English learner’s dictionary
Great dictionary that shows all parts of speech, synonyms & antonyms
Dictionary with “collocations” i.e. words that go together – good for writing
English and German dictionary

English Newspapers & Magazines

Reading, listening and vocabulary practice with up-to-date news articles for all levels
English magazine with tips and vocabulary in German


English radio
Offers a mass of lectures on a variety of topics – for advanced students
Dictations and listening practice while hearing about the news
Watch English videos online with subtitles. Then record your own voice reading the text and compare your pronunciation.
Lots of listening exercises with quizzes

Grammar Explanation

English grammar explanations and quizzes
Alphabetical index of grammar explanations

ESL Online Learning with Various Resources

BBC site devoted to learning English with a lot of useful resources
Vocabulary, listening and grammar separated by level and topic
Offers grammar tutorials, readings practice with prepositions and phrasal verbs

Phrasal Verbs, Idioms & Slang

Download this Book by George Sandford that makes phrasal verbs fun & easy.

Site for advanced students with phrasal verb practice. If you scroll over the “Phrasal Verbs” tab on the left you will see a list of all the verbs.
Phrasal verbs, idioms and slang separated by easy, medium and difficult.
Alphabetical list of idioms as well as idioms divided into categories

English Exam Resources

Free practice and tips for Cambridge Exams

For Young Learners

Educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students
Free printable activities for grades 1-8
Interactive resources for kids to practice reading, listening and writing

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