Learning Through Music

Music gives a soul to the universe,
Wings to the mind,
Flight to the imagination…
And life to everything.

Do you remember how you learned your ABCs? From my experience, I believe the power of music goes far beyond a few do-ray-me’s and the ABCs – it’s an incredibly effective tool for learning, especially in learning languages. Not only is music an immersive, enjoyable experience, I’ve found for both young learners and adults, music helps stimulates interest and helps students better process and retain new information. Please find below a small selection videos students have found useful. Stay tuned for more videos and lesson plans I’ve used!
To read more about the benefits of learning through music for young learners in Elizabeth B. Carlton’s “Learning Through Music: The Support of Brain Research”click here.

More of America – Geography of The Americas ColloTune Rap Reggae Song with Fluency MC featuring Madi Simmons

School House Rock – Counting by 5s
The school house rock videos are great for kids to teach math facts and grammar points through music.

4th Grade Style – Amazing Example of Music in the Classroom



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